Revis can watch film of opposing receivers

Revis can watch film of opposing receivers, continue his conditioning program and get reps in a controlled environment against his own team if he wants to work in live cover drills. There’s no reason to subject him to live contact where the opponent certainly would not have his best interest at heart.

The first argument that’s typically made at this point is, “Adrian Peterson came back quickly, and look what he did.” While accurate, Peterson’s situation was different.

As a running back, Peterson gets to decide when he makes a cut. He knows which way he’s running and knows, prior to doing so, when he’s going to change direction. Revis, on the other hand, has no idea what route the receiver he’s covering is going to run. He has no idea when that receiver is going to stop, cut, hook or accelerate. Revis only gets to react.

Revis will be less than a year removed from his original injury when the Buccaneers take the field against the New York Jets in Week 1 of the regular season. Why not wait those extra 15 days before asking him to get back out on that island?

The time between the third preseason game and Week 1 of the regular season can only help Revis. And the benefits he’d gain from playing in the preseason aren’t great enough to outweigh the devastation of a potential preseason injury.

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