Bring attention and honor for him with his favorite car

Bring attention and honor for him with his favorite car. Let everyone know that he was not the mediocrity the Dandyism children, Wealthy Botchan. He has the strength of a dream, also has a passion.
Guwahati ha ha “the prodigy laugh on Miss inaction and said:” Well, kid, I support you, after you and I mixed it, I promise to let you within a year to become Asia’s most cattle X fly Street the king, Biao car of the Emperor. ”
“Damn you! I want to inaction training into real riders gallop track riders will never let him like you.” Rider dissatisfaction prodigy Road.
“Rely on, like how do I? Like me there is not good, do indianapolis colts jerseys think when you keep pressing me, I can not tell you except I prodigy outside really did not lose to anyone, whether it is flying street or or track worth mentioning. “prodigy haughty face-to-car Shinto.
The car God seem to recall what, his face suddenly flashed dominated the world of the spirit. Rider then sighed tone pair prodigy Road: a child prodigy, the past, do not mention the road is also not correct, you around in a big circle, and eventually return to the stadium. Fly Street is full of dangerous and non- predict the game, even if you then, you can be a good control of their car, can you how to ensure that others can control their own car? fly the street at any time to be facing the risk of life and death, because you never know when your car will suddenly blaze a pedestrian or a bicycle, also may a motorcycle. Biao car on the street you will never be able to accurately determine the road ahead if it is safe. every accident may to bear the cost of life is not the same on the track, you can enjoy speeding forward, you never have to worry that there will be pedestrian suddenly appeared again in front of you and will never have to worry about the opposite will be the other vehicle to you rapidly approaching. ”


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